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At ARMEDANGELS, we are all different - a diverse bunch of experts of all kinds - but united at heart in our values:


Impact = Change x Growth.

We are working on growing so big and so strong, it will make mother nature proud. So big that the whole planet will look to us, listen to us and change with us so we all live sustainably ever after. We are brave, rebellious and passionate and we absolutely won’t stop, ever, until we change how people think and consume.


Every breath we take, every action we make, every ball we break, every innovation we create is for the planet and the people, now and forever. We challenge convention, we dive deep into the science, we face up to hard truths. We decide, we never hide, we hope to teach but we don’t preach. We don’t waste any resources we recycle, reuse and repair but most of all we dare to care.


To change the world a better place, we all need to play for the same team.
Humankind - helping each other thrive. Mutual respect, openness, brutal honesty and trust in each other are the foundations of all paradigm-shifting collaborations. So, we appreciate our similarities and celebrate our differences.


It’s positivity that makes the world go round.
Positivity that helps us fail better every day. Positivity that helps us grow from our mistakes. Positivity that gives us wings of perspective. Positivity that lights our halos of hope. Positivity that fuels our flight. Positivity that cushions the fall when sometimes we crashland. Start with a smile, the rest will follow…

We want you to feel comfortable - for us, this is the elementary basis for making a difference together. Through mutual trust and strong team cohesion, we have achieved a lot in recent years - and fun has never been neglected.


  • Flexible working hours and mobile work
  • Shopping vouchers at ARMEDANGELS and great staff discounts
  • Subsidized sustainable travel to our beautiful office in the heart of Cologne Ehrenfeld
  • Fresh fruit every day
  • Free drinks of any kind
  • Fulminant and legendary parties with great colleagues
  • Free yoga classes
  • A job with meaning and a lot of personal responsibility