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Since 2007, the Cologne-based label ARMEDANGELS has been proving that fashion can also be different: ECO & FAIR. No wage slavery, no chemical madness, no cheap mass-produced goods.

From the simple idea of printing T-shirts and collecting donations for charity projects through sales, a company has grown that is now one of the largest ECO & FAIR fashion labels in Europe. With a 140-strong team and four collections a year, ARMEDANGELS shows that sustainability and modern product design are not mutually exclusive. It all started fifteen years ago.

We wanted to start a business that does things differently. To make fashion that looks good, feels great and can be worn for a long time. Fashion that is produced with the utmost respect for people and nature. Our mission then and still today is to make beautiful products without compromise. To do this, we are prepared to break the rules. And we do not give up. Together with all those who share our vision:

Our dream is to create a better world. Together. For us. And all those who will come after us.

What about you? Want to join us, break the rules and change the world for the better?