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Academic Master’s Programme and Double Award Master’s Programme in Business Design

Course Summary School: Domus Academy

Location: Italy,

Education: Diploma

The Academic Master’s Programme path consists of 4 modules (course + workshop) plus 1 module including a professional experience and a Final Workshop Project. The Double Award Master’s Programme path includes additional dedicated classes and a 6th module as Final Major Project.

Change is the only constant. Established business and managerial standards are being disrupted, current business strategies are being reframed. The secret of today’s success on the market is not to merely create new customers, but to cater their needs in new ways so that new lines of products can emerge. To make that possible, the business design methodology relies on the creativity and reliability of the design process to think outside the box and view things from different perspectives and think business differently.

The Master in Business Design creates new connections between the worlds of business and design. Students will work on projects related to the business of design and the design of business. Enlightening and interdisciplinary, the programme focuses on how to apply design culture, methodology and sensitivity to a wide range of businesses, including established enterprises, large, medium and small-sized companies and start-ups. Students will learn about design-driven management strategies as they learn to draft plans for business development, branding, marketing and communication for the whole company as well as for specific product lines and new ventures.

The programme is directed at candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in economics, management, the humanities and design. The programme is also open to candidates with a background in other disciplines. Furthermore, they must be willing to carry out in-depth research into the programme’s subject area.

This programme will equip students with the skills to secure roles in consultancy firms, research and development firms and start-ups, as well as to embark on a career as self-employed consultants or entrepreneurs.

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